Il s'agit de sprites de Mighty the armadillo, façon Advance. (Auteur : Dante-Stein, pour

These are Mighty the armadillo sprites, in an Advance style. (Author: Dante-Stein, from

Note: there was some disturbing mistakes into the sprite sheet I HAD to correct (lol, the original was a GIF saved with MS Paint, which destroyed all the colors and turned the white parts of the sprites into the same white as the background!!)
Sprite makers, if you want to remember one thing: NEVER SAVE A SPRITE SHEET DIRECTLY WITH MS PAINT IN GIF (this sucker will apply a web palette whatever the type of the image that destroys the original colors -- instead, copy the bitmap data into the clipboard, open IrfanView, paste the bitmap data into it and finally save the image in Truecolor PNG format).
And second thing to remember: AVOID PUTTING A WHITE (255 255 255) BACKGROUND TO YOUR SPRITE SHEETS. This is a too common color and over-used color to be considered as a decent background color. Instead, choose something that you are sure that it's not into the sprites.

Download :
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