Il s'agit de sprites de Tails dans Sonic Advance 3. (Auteur/rippeur : Hypero)

These are Tails sprites from Sonic Advance 3. (Author/ripper : Hypero)

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Note: I replaced Tramis' version of this sheet by the real one, made by Hypero and for two reasons:
- Tramis' sheet featured some unforgivable mistakes compared to Hypero's work (the two sheets were almost identical, except one monstrous copy-paste mistake at the upper right under the spindash sprites line ^^)
- The sheet appeared to be stolen from Hypero (Tramis awkardly altered the signature but the "falsification" ended up as too obvious)

I've got one word to say to you, Tramis: I really don't see the point of doing what you've just done... it just makes you more ridiculous than even the fact of stealing sprites from another person and claiming them as yours. In addition, -- that's not over -- you indirectly made Hypero accuse me instead of you!! I hope this is understood and you'll never do this again (this was also a lesson to learn for all other sprite-sheet-makers ^^)

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