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My old music page is online again

As I said on my twitter, you probably never saw that page anywhere, because it was very poorly advertised. Back in the day not only did I do wallpapers but I also used to compose MOD music from time to time, using Fast Tracker II. Not the best tunes ever but still nice anyway. Before I reupload some of them to my Youtube channel and make a proper presentation or review of said selected songs, here’s my old music page, in plain HTML, that I started in 2002-2003:


Beware! It is really plain and dull and is in French! Because I never bothered setting a proper page to reach an international audience (I though it wasn’t worth at the time). I originally began making MOD music in 2000 (I just graduated high school and was entering university at that time*) with rather rudimentary Fast Tracker 1.00, then quickly migrated to Fast Tracker II. Making music in both Protracker 4-channel and XM 32-channel (max) formats was really fun and I enjoyed it, my only gripe was my lack of patience and the trouble I had to timing my notes properly. I’m still proud of some of the tunes I did (SILENEM5, BSTHEM9A and DXDREAM2 come to mind), even today.

Note: I updated the page with later revisions of the song I originally posted (better quality samples or better used polyphony in most cases). I hope you’ll enjoy… or smile while listening to them. 😉

And, something I forgot. VLC plays those tunes natively, in case you wonder.

*university didn’t last long and wasn’t for me, I preferred preparing a IT 2-year degree instead