The Sealed Esoteric History gets an episode 2!

This is one of the hottest news if you’re into Touhou and happen to enjoy animation. Here’s a little teaser the circle recently posted:

This appears to be centred in the Moriya shrine this time, will get a full voice release from the beginning, will last over 40 minutes and will be ready for Comiket 92 in August!

I wonder why this doesn’t get more exposure as we may finally have our Fantasy Kaleidoscope killer. You don’t realize it but it’s longest animated feature a Touhou fanime has to offer in years! But that might be too early to judge. I suggest to wait for later announcements. I sincerely hope it won’t be priced too high given its duration.

Also, for some who might remember the gubbins I wrote about the charm of lack of voice and “fanmade cachet”, all of that may surely be missed since it’s turning full voice. But I think this was the smartest move, given the ambitions of the circle and the orientation the series is taking. I hope this will turn out great. Renko and Merry shouldn’t change. Please make Sanae be properly casted. Also note that an additional voiceless version can actually be technically added on the same disc, though I doubt the circle will find that idea relevant or that there would be any demand for that. Someone mentions, within the comments of that Youtube video, that this episode 2 would get a voiceless release in Winter and so would a future episode 3, even though I highly doubt about the reliability of that info. (edit: well, it looks like it will actually gets a no-voice version too, according the circle’s tweets; there’s a demand for that it seems, as I indeed saw a few people ask about it!)

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