Amy at the races – Dioxaz’s wallpapers, 2016 remake edition

Prefiguring what I’m planning to do with wallpaper-making, I decided to remake an old piece I did in 2003 (13 years ago!) but in widescreen and 2K format, instead of the completely obsolete 1024×768. As I want to cover as many resolutions I can, I decided I’ll go with crop-only wallpapers, but with several sizes. This way you can pick up the closest size to your monitor resolution and crop it to fill your screen.

Probably one of the easiest to remake, as only simple elements are featured (text, which remained in vector form and a chequered pattern, easy to resize). The only tricky part is the Amy artwork, as I only have it in low resolution. To upscale it, I used nnedi3_rpow both on the RGB part of the picture and the alpha channel separately (nnedi3 doesn’t support the RGB32 colorspace). The Amy artwork is a part of Sonic Screensaver, a goody accompanying the PC port of Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic 3 & Knuckles Collection).

Here’s the result (click on thubnmails for original size):

– 2K format (2560×1600)

– FHD format (1920×1200)

– HD format (1366×800)

– SD format (1024×600)

This is how, folks, I plan to do my future wallpapers if I ever feel like doing it again. Also, I’m definitely not one of those artists who constantly spit on their old works and are too afraid to see or show them again, not feeling any hint of nostalgia. My old works are a full part of me and still reflect my own personality to this day. Besides, I still love watching them again (saying to myself “I can’t believe I did that when I was young. It looks so great even now!”)

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