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  • 24/04/05 : This? An update? Not really. I would thank Sakura Solo for getting me out my laziness! This update is dedicated to her, with the addition of her own background section with all her exclusive backgrounds in it. She also gave me exclusive Sonic 3D backgrounds but they'll come later, when I'll finish to implement Mig 1.4.0 properly, as well as all the late stuff I've been keeping on my hard disk for ages (ah, funny note, I finally backed up all the stuff I lost recently, thanks god ^^).

  • 14/03/05 : Unfortunately, this ain't an update but bad news. MY HARD DISK DIED THIS WEEK-END !! It means that I've lost most of the things that have been submitted, except the most recent ones. So, don't start to whine at me because I didn't include your work on the next update. Another news, but a better one is the rebuild I planned for the site. I was sick of been forced to edit HTML pages in plain text, so I decided to install a Mig 1.4.0 gallery (as the one you see on Sonic Art Archive and My wallpapers page). As I'm a bit lazy, it will more likely take more time than usually needed to do such a thing.
    Another good news is the new sprite comic section! OK, it's in French for the moment, but an English category is planned too. It means that you'll be able to sumbit sprite comics, too.
    Last thing, but you're not concerned about this one if you're not French: I decided to drop the French version of the site. I was sick of being forced to write things twice, especially the news page. So, as the site really has a lot of success on English communities more than French ones, only the English version will be kept.

  • 28/10/04 : OK, don't try to determine the amount of time between this update and the previous one... (add to that the fact that I forgot to mention two updates on this English part of the site). For a website which have been awarded as 'the biggest contribution' by the Sonic Site Awards, it looks definitely odd !! (BTW, I would thank all the persons who voted for me because, actually, TLFZ has known a boom of visits this year -- and frankly, this award has woken me up ^^). In fact, you've got only one part of the update I planned to do. This means that a second part will come very soon (with a bunch of backgrounds made by misc. authors). Well, for this first part, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy 14 new sheets into the 'Avatars/Invented characters' section and 16 new ones into the 'Charcters from the Sonic universe'. By seeing this, I really wonder why I didn't update early and realize how I may harmed the sprite comic community... Yes, laziness is definitely not a quality :P.
  • 5/03/04: Some of you were expecting that one? Me too. And, frankly, I'm hardly disappointed because it's an update of choice. All that took me a whole week because I was busy for school and there was lots of things tu put:
    - In the 'avatars' section, nothing less than 22 new sheets!! Yes, 22 (One of them was from an English speaker, Evil Rabbit sprite sheet)! I just want to thank all the people on ET6 who helped me hunting missing sheets for TLFZ. Bat that's not over. Section Has been completely re-thought. I sorted all the sheets using a sort of alphabetical order so one can easily find the need sheet imediately, without having to scroll up and down during hours.
    - In the 'Sonic saga characters' section, Battle again: Shadow (Battle), Rouge (Battle) but also Rouge (Battle, but Sonic Heroes style) (the first Sonic saga sheet given by an English speaker again :P), les Characters faces from Sonic Pinball Party and finally a rare apparition of Tikal in Sonic Pinball Party, those 2 last sheets were ripped by Bruss from the game.
    - In the 'objets' section, actually, I decided to update that section, being abandoned for months. In fact, Bruss' rips pushed me to update that section. Here they are: Zone Items from Sonic Advance 2Level thumbs from Sonic Pinball Party, Misc elements coming from Sonic 3, Direction indicators from Sonic Battle, Emerl's data cards in Sonic Battle, Power-ups from Sonic Advance 2 and finally Name letters from each character in Sonic Pinball Party. Doesn't seem like that, but it makes a lot of things.
    - In the hoaxes/sprite comic section: 7 new pages, the 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 and 77 pages (ouf !). The 2 most remarkable pieces are those coming from Vilain_pabo (in page 73 with his fake screenshots and really funny jokes) and Pinoche le mouse (the 2 last pages with his impressive mage-adventure). They deserve the look... only if you have some French :P. (you can try but don't complain if you don't catch a word^^)
    - Finally, in the 'backgrounds/scenes' section with a big new as I'm now offering a 'Sonic Battle' section. Inside of it, you'll find scenes from Training mode, (incorrectly?) ripped by Vilain_pabo (in fact, not that incorrectly as he used the map viewer tool efficiently, but he probably ignored Visual Boy Advance screenshot function -- lol, I bet he watsed his time using his Alt+Print Scr. key everywhere trying to vainly crop the images^^;;;), but they're here and that's essential. We can thank him!. You'll also fiind isometric-3D maps of Story mode worlds, ripped by Bruss. Yes, him again.
    Some of you will probably notice that the site takes more time displaying on 56K connection (sorry... but not that much I think). It's due to the fact that I decided to improve the visual aspect of the site by using on-off buttons in palette-alpha PNG format (don't blame me if you don't see them correctly in MSIE, get Mozilla instead, they look awesome), some nifty transparency effects in 'avatars' and 'Sonic saga characters' sections (the PCB background image I use is now transparent -- by chance, MSIE owners will see it like in its previous opaque form because I hacked the image a bit with TweakPNG by adding a bKGd chunk; it sets the background color to blue-green if transparency is not displayed, and it works under IE^^). So now, if you want to see the site in its fullest quality, you'll have to get another browser (Mozilla, Mozilla FireFox or Opera for example). This said, it doesn't mean that the site will look like garbage in IE. It will just be less impressive. Just to show that it's safe to use PNGs in website now, even if they're transparent. Because there's always a way to overcome some of Internet Explorer problems with transparency ;). (and remember that palette PNGs with single-color transparency -- the ones that imitate GIF -- display perfectly in IE; so use them instead of GIFs, as file sizes are always smaller :P)
  • 27/12/03: Wow! That's so beautiful! I finally decided to update that f***ing Leaf Forest website! Applause the little Diox^^. Actually, I experienced some trouble with the previous update(s) 'cause I forgot, to my biggest surprise, all the main pages for Blast's background section, 'avatars' and 'character from the STH saga' sections. This should be all fixed now, I hope :P. OK, here are all the changes:
    - In the 'avatars' section, new sprite sheets:
    Dark Neo (Advance) (back, to Néo's request), Mecha Dark (MD), Mecha Dark (improved) and Talk.
    - In the 'STH saga characters' section, new sprite sheets too, only Battle-ish sprites: Sonic (Sonic Battle), Tails (Sonic Battle), Knuckles (Sonic Battle), Chaos 0 (Sonic Battle) made by various sprite artists and also the Sonic Advance 2 tiny animals ripped by Bruss. I also managed myself to re-do the section from A to Z and offer you a list of sprite sheets classified by category or characters, instead of accumulating them successively. This is much easier to look for the needed sprite sheet(s) this way...
    - In the hoaxes/sprite comics pages : 5 new pages, the 66, 67, 68, 69 and 70 pages. If you understand French, you'll find those new sprite comics very nice ;).
    - And finally, in the 'backgrounds' section with broken links into Blast's beckgrounds section now fixed. And a brand new BG, Sunset Zone, very nice editing demonstration coming from that red lynx ;). And the creation of a new backgrounds section, dedicated to SonicSnake on which I added his 2 first backgrounds (Excavation Zone and Green Form Zone), really well done, thinking about the fact that they seem to be done nearly from scratch ;).
    Don't forget to check the previous updates too because of some technical problems I experienced with my sucking unregistered and hacked CuteFTP client. Some changes could have become not noticeable. Sorry for that :P.
  • 30/10/03: Wow! My first attempt to the English version of the site! OK, I've just translated the main page, the Sonic saga characters sprite sheets section and a part of my backgrounds pages (where I've just added links to fan-made backgrounds, made by some French artists -- finally). But that's a good begining. Also, I added some old DPI sprite-sheets in my Sonic saga characters section. I know you can find the same on some other sites, but the versions I offer you are color-optimized and feature a transparent background color (both GIF and PNG versions). In case your image editor (thinking about MSPaint) doesn't support transparency, you'll have the same blue (0 0 255) background on all the sprite sheets. Just to make copy-paste operations easier and less mechanical. I think you should thank me for that, shouldn't you ;)?